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Realtor Solutions by Sarks
Are you a Realtor or Broker? Do you or your company currently have a website? Does it have real-time listings that your clients can search? Can you easily email links to your clients?

If you had to answer no to any of these questions then contact us today. Let us show you how to make the Internet work for you. more >>

Domain Names for Sale
We have the following domain names for sale. Most were used for short-term projects that no longer exist. If you are interested in purchasing any of the domains listed please contact us.

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TotalTrac - We have added an import/export feature to TotalTrac to allow easier data integration and data sharing. With the new import tools you can add assets by simply uploading a flat file (text file). This new feature will allow you to easily add assets, whether they are new assets, or you are transfering from another asset management program. We even included templates to help you get started and a white paper on the specs and requirements. more >>
Realtor Solutions - We have launched Realtor Solutions by Sarks, a suite of tools to help the busy Realtors in todays fast paced markets. more >>
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